I just need to rant real quick – first 1st star review, which is totally fine, b…

I just need to rant real quick – first 1st star review, which is totally fine, because everyone is entitled to feel however they feel, but i can’t decide how I feel about it… I sell pet decals, and I’ve had 5 star reviews since opening, and I promise I’m not a heartless person 😭
$5 would also literally just cover the cost of material, time spent on reprinting, etsy fees, and shipping! but i also understand she’s really upset about her pet passing away…

Basically, she messaged me today asking when the decal would arrive, and it said that it had been delivered, which I let her know. I reconfirmed her address, and she said that it was her old address. I asked her if her mail forwards, but she said that it’s been too long and it doesn’t forward anymore.
She also says that her default address, and her other etsy order all got sent to the correct address. It felt like she was accusing me of lying! I also sent her screenshots of the original order and email notification from Etsy, and nowhere did it mention her new address… did Etsy have a glitch, or how the heck would this have even happened?

I also let her know I would have zero way of knowing either of her addresses since this is her first order with me …

I of course then felt bad because her pet passed away and this happened, and messaged her and told her I’d send her another one at no charge, and I refunded her, because I’m completely and utterly over it.

I’ll just let my dog know he gets one less pack of treats because I had to refund this lady LOL 😂

How would you have responded/what would you have done?!

PS: i promise i am the furthest thing away from being a heartless person and if the other reviews don’t prove it, i dont know what will 😭