All right I have two questions. Be kind in your response. Been doing this for a…

All right I have two questions. Be kind in your response.

Been doing this for a couple years and never had an issue until this last week. A lady bought a bag we offer free shipping over $35 she received it. it’s now been a month and she says that one of the seams on the backpack part is starting to come out. It does look loose when she’s pulling it from the picture but there is no way it was defective when it left and it’s now been a month. It also is heavily stitched and I don’t believe it’s going to ever come apart In my opinion it looks like but it either got stuck and she pulled or improperly handle. I’ve offered to give a refund she just has to return it. She wants me to pay for the return label even though we already shipped it for free. Basically I would be in the hole for $18.

My policy is no more than seven days for a refund so I’m making an exception already. I just don’t want to do it and in her original purchase she said that she had bought a purse from Etsy a couple months prior and it broke and at the time it gave me a red flag. Not sure why.

Today I get a message asking for a refund for a purse that she says smells funny and she thought it was leather. The post clearly says vegan leather cruelty free and we also shipped that one for free. It also has no smell it’s perfect clean still in the packaging. I have also said I will be happy to refund it just return it. She doesn’t wanna return it she wants a refund or again I can send her a label. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the purse it’s beautiful it’s one of our best sellers and I think this woman just doesn’t like it and is throwing it on me.

EDIT i’m going to add the picture she sent because the more I look at it the more it clearly looks like she has pulled it from the material like it could’ve gotten stuck on something and it did not arrive that way and even she said it. it’s is stitched all the way down the leather strap also.